There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you. —Lessons Learned in Life (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Palestinian children return to school (24 November 2012) for the first time since Israel’s latest attack on Gaza but not all students made it back. Sarah Al-Dalou had to be excused from class as she — along with 9 other members of her family and 2 neighbors [graphic] — were killed by an Israeli airstrike when F-16 fighter jets reduced their house in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza to rubble.

A sign now occupies her seat instead, calling her a ‘martyr’. She was one of 34 children killed by the Israeli Army during their week-long assault on the blockaded coastal enclave, with 161 Palestinians dead in total.

(Photo source: @mohammednazmi)

Bottom photo: Palestinian children return to school in January 2009 after Israel’s massacre in Gaza, named ‘Operation Cast Lead’, when over 300 children were killed by the Israeli Army, and 1,400 Palestinians in all.

Signs replaced the once-occupied seats at al-Fakhura School in the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza; names of victims written under the word in red: ‘Martyr’, 24 January, 2009.

(Photo credit: Anja Niedringhaus / AP)

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you should see how good you look right now

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X-Factor #21

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Guardians of the Galaxy will be the literal end of me.

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you dream of home during your exile

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Anonymous asked:
so basically you're against jewish self determination?


Right, because creating the largest refugee population in the world and the largest open air prison around a 4 mile piece of land with 1.7 mil people who overwhelmingly reside in refugee quarters and depend on foreign aid for survival, openly calling for (and perpetuating) genocide, setting children on fire/throwing thousands of them into a torture prison without any substantial charges, allowing women in labor to die because they’re holed up at a military checkpoint for five hours, deploying an entire rifle’s worth of bullets into a defenseless 13 year old and emptying hundreds of rockets into one of the most densely populated regions on Earth, killing over a hundred in less than 72 hours and turning it into a community spectacle to laugh at has to do with self determination.

Shut the fuck up, you moral lacking parasite.

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Steve Rogers [Captain America] in Avengers #32 (2014) pt ii

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new dirty vegas

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